5 ways to Improve Housekeeping Services

Housekeepers play a crucial role in maintaining a pleasant, safe and aesthetically appealing environment in most corporates. Ashirbad has more than two decades of experience in providing quality services and a well-trained team to over 200 happy clients. Here are a list of 5 golden rules that we at Ashirbad abide by, which can help in improving the Housekeeping services:

The right tools and equipment: The right tools and equipment can make all the difference. Providing proper tools to housekeepers can enhance their productivity by up to 54%. Such tools help in reducing the strain on workers from repetitive motions and over exertion while using the right cleaning chemicals for each surface provides optimal hygienic results.

Offer housekeepers a checklist of demands:Potential issues can be communicated effectively through checklists curated by various departments and adhoc guest requests.This reduces opportunities for requests to be overlooked and helps limit guest complaints.

Strategize a personalized plan: A well-devised strategy varies from building to building. Developing a plan on how to clean a room, the order of cleaning tasks, the types of cleaning tools and chemicals required and amount of time dedicated to each task to deliver high-level, consistent results becomes crucial. This helps reduce the time, improves cleanliness and hygiene and prevents repetitive motion and on-the-job injuries.

Invest in staff safety: Personal protective equipment like kneepads and gloves helps improve productivity and reduces housekeeper strain. The safer and more comfortable the staff feels at work the faster they’ll work and are less likely to miss out on work due to health issues.

Make janitorial closets accessible and easy to use: Organisation is crucial here.Placing frequently used items, such as chemical stations, in easily accessible locations helps reduce the amount of time and energy housekeepers spend restocking supplies.

Following these simple steps can help deliver quality at its best. So let’s strategize the perfect housekeeping plan for your business today!

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