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About Us

Ashirbad Group Of Companies started its maiden journey with the launch of its Flagship Company, Ashirbad Housekeeping Services (AHKS) in 1993. AHKS offers Housekeeping and Janitorial services that include cleaning of the customers’ premises from top to bottom, in a mechanized system with trained and experienced staff under the supervision of well-qualified professionals.

In 1995, Ashirbad Intcon Pvt. Ltd. (AIPL) was launched with the core principle to provide sophisticated Interior Decoration solutions to Contemporary Corporate & Residential spaces with a strong commitment to satisfy our clients with the best possible utilization of spaces and their effectiveness in terms of time and cost.

Ashirbad Infrastructure Services & Facilities Management Pvt. Ltd. (AISFM) was established in the year 2007, to deliver quality facility management services as per the exact needs of any business.

The uncompromising quality services are delivered by a team of 1500+ highly dedicated professionals utilizing ISO 9001:2015 certificate to provide highest standard of services.


Ashirbad Housekeeping Services Pvt. Ltd. has been relentlessly providing housekeeping and cleaning services, corporate pantry services, pest control service, Horticulture Maintenance Services, Façade Cleaning, and Allied Services since its inception in 1993.



Ashirbad Intcon Pvt. Ltd. is dealing in a wide range of interior decoration services and has left a mark in the industry by successfully handling over 1500+ projects of varying scales and sizes in various sectors like Corporate Hubs, Educational Institutes, UN Bodies, Warehouses.


Ashirbad Infrastructure Services & Facilities Management Pvt. Ltd

Ashirbad Infrastructure Services & Facilities Management Pvt. Ltd. takes charge of maintaining the facility by overseeing the upkeep of supplies and equipment, plans and schedules repairs, and organises safety inspections. To manage the amenities on your property,

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Facilities Management Services

We offer a systematic service delivery model designed to strategically meet the operational goals of your organization and add value to your property.

Housekeeping & Cleaning Service

Our aim is to provide a Clean, Hygienic and Infection - free environment for your premises and assure you a service that defines you.

Pantry Services

We maintain a high-quality hygienic pantry/ cafeteria management service with well-groomed, skilled, and experienced staff for serving Food & Beverage.

Horticulture & Pest Control

We do maintenance of horticulture services creating a beautiful landscape and also provide pest control to tackle the deep-rooted pest & termite issues.


We prepare Drawing, Designs, and Estimations to provide solutions for Contemporary Corporate & Residential Spaces.

Interior & Exterior Decoration

We have a team of professionals dedicated to providing Interior decoration solutions with responsive service and value.

Renovation & Refurbishment

We design and re-design your property with out of the box solution to renovate your space and turn it into a magnificent marvel.


We have a trained team of Engineers, Firefighting, Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters, Painters and Masons to solve all your maintenance-related needs.

Our Mission

Ashirbad’s approach is to ensure that everyone has access to the finest quality of Facilities Management Services, Housekeeping & Cleaning  Services, Interior Decoration, Refurbishment works, and Renovation in the market by providing an innovative solution that responds to a business challenge.

Our Vision

To become a trusted Local and Global Go-to Service Provider who is committed to providing growth and support to our esteemed clients with advancement and sustainability for society at an affordable rate with efficient, knowledgeable, trained professionals, and dedicated staff. 

Our Values









We offer our services based on the perspective of our clients and their needs.

We value our partners and proactively work to meet their needs.

We act with integrity, honesty, and transparency in all we do.

We constantly work to learn, grow, adapt, evolve and innovate.

We value and encourage our people for their growth and recognize their accomplishments.

We encourage individuals to have a balanced lifestyle that supports a healthy workspace.

We deliver on our commitments to individuals or organizations who we serve.

We understand our customers’ needs and provide high-quality service.

Awards & Recognition


Founder and Managing Director.

“Ashirbad began with the vision to introduce the culture of housekeeping and cleaning to India and contribute to the thriving infrastructure to make India a better place to live through clean & hygienic environment for everyone with ground-breaking innovations across various essential and critical areas concerning society and the environment.

Although our journey began with housekeeping and cleaning services, we did not stop there. We’ve broadened our horizons throughout the years to explore new fields like interior design, renovation, maintenance, and facilities management services.

It gives me immense pleasure to express my heartiest gratitude towards our esteemed clients, experienced staff, dedicated teams and all other business associates who have contributed in Ashirbad’s success for more than three decades. In addition to contribution by all of you, Ashirbad’s historic and future success is grounded in our collective commitment to our core values”.

“Ashirbad have worked with some of the most prestigious international, multinational, and national brands throughout our journey. We have cultivated a reputation as one of India’s most dependable and high-quality service providers thanks to the support of our satisfied customers.

I would like to thank all our clients for their prolonged patronage and for providing us the opportunity to serve them, and also, all members of Team Ashirbad for their consistently dedicated efforts and hard work. It has been an honour and a matter of pride working with variety of national and international clients and such a wonderful team that is committed to share the vision of company and making the approaching year.

Ashirbad is a dynamic and customer driven organization that owes its success to continuous patronage. While we are constantly changing and thriving to provide innovative solutions to our customers, our drive for success must always be grounded in our firm commitment to lawful and ethical conduct”.


Co-Founder and Director.