The Art of Interior Designing: The Ashirbad Edition

Interior designing as a concept is very dynamic in nature. We like to define it as in art form that captures the soul of the client. It’s an expression of the dreams and aspirations, the goals and purposes of a space brought to life through a transformation of its interiors. 

The Ashirbad Outlook

We provide sophisticated interior decorating solutions to realize the aspirations of contemporary corporate and residential spaces. A Space is just lifeless and empty unless it’s brought to life through decoration and refurbishment techniques that go beyond the conventional. We excel in providing the perfect solution for a client’s stated as well as unstated needs and have the imagination to transform any space into a modern marvel. 

What makes us different is our unique approach to take into consideration all possible factors such as the best possible utilization of space, creating space within space, the emotional and functional essence of a space, it’s effectiveness in terms of time and cost etc. We process and combine all these factors to build a beautiful masterpiece and set the perfect ambience for your high-end commercial space or your homely residential space.

Acing both commercial and residential projects

Since we’ve expanded our services and ventured into the realm of residential designing, the journey has been both challenging and fulfilling. One of our most challenging success stories has been the renovation of a 90 year old bungalow in the CMD of Tata Steel, Jamshedpur. The task was challenging but our team of experts strategized a well-organized systematic plan to transform that space beyond imagination. A site visit was conducted and the technical team took a note of all the structural changes of load bearing structure that are feasible for removal. The project was particularly challenging because the inspection report revealed that transferring of load may attract accident to the structure and also a possible loss of life.

Employee Safety: The foundation of strong company values  

Our company is equally committed to delivering the best of results as we are about our employee’s safety. We took on the challenge and our team of professionals devised a plan to fulfill both the objectives. As a result, we created an adequate support system as per industry norms nearing the wall to be dismantled. In addition to that, we also ensured that before the actual dismantling of load bearing brick wall, we transferred the load of slab from wall to the twin ISMB as per our design. Our technical strategies and flawless execution of the plan ensured that we didn’t just renovate a house but kept a legacy going.

Playing to our strengths: Ashirbad Transformations

We take deep pride in the critical structural and civil engineering techniques offered by our expert teams. Our commitment to value the employees of our company and taking the matters of human safety seriously makes us a company built on a strong set of core values and principals. We firmly believe in utilizing our creative passion, knowledge and continuous and dedicated efforts to transform every commercial and residential space into a beautiful piece of artwork.

We deal in a wide range of services and have left a mark in the industry by successfully handling over 1700 projects of varying scales and sizes. We continue to expand and grow as our profile of clients diversify ranging from corporate projects in the banking sectors, BPO’s, corporate offices, media sectors, guest houses and hotels, IT sector giants, power sector bodies, UN offices to residential projects flats, farm houses, bungalows and many more. 

Let’s transform the space of your dreams

We are passionate about turning every space into a masterpiece. We are ready with the best team of experts, out of the box solutions, competitive rates, machines and material to renovate your space and turn into a magnificent marvel. Our unparalleled designs, creativity and zeal towards our work make us just the partner you are looking for. So, let’s connect and together create the design of your dreams. 

We understand your commercial or residential space is much more than just another space, trust us when it comes to adding life and optimizing its efficiency and looks. Connect with us now! 

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