The Future of Facility Management with Ashirbad

Don’t get caught up in investing more time in dealing with building operation issues such as air conditioning of the building, technical faults that might hamper the productivity of your business.

We at Ashirbad Infrastructure services and facility management Pvt. Ltd. ensure that you can invest all your valuable time into growing your business while our well-trained team of experts take care of smooth everyday operations.

The Emerging trend in the Industry:

Outsourcing is the latest trend being observed in the facility management industry. Trained experts are bringing in new trends to transform the Industry. Some of the recent trends include: 

  • Predictive Maintenance: It’s a sustainable way where maintenance managers ensure that all resources are consumed efficiently before reaching the end of their useful life. AI based tech is used to predict maintenance.
  • IOT and Automation: Automation in processes through IOT or remote has endless applications including  asset tagging, lighting, HVAC, fire suppression, security, inventory management, and equipment monitoring in the field of facility management
  • Personalisation and flexibility: FM has transformed into a dynamic field where services are personalized according to the various business models and needs.
  • Green Buildings: Facility managers are constantly looking at ways to make the workspace environment greener and more sustainable. Be it through changes in the interiors of the buildings such as air purifying plants to looking at ways to recycle and upcycle resources.

Why trust Ashirbad for Facility Management Solution?

Moving ahead with these emerging trend, Ashirbad Pvt. Ltd. diversified its portfolio and entered the facility management industry in the year 2007.  We specialize in providing a 360 solution to fulfill all your operational requirements. We’ve develop a unique system of looking after all the facilities from plumbing, electric to interior based in-house.

We’ve developed a structured service development process which considers key user needs for maximized efficiency. Our staff is amongst the best in the Industry as they have mastered a broad range of technical, administrative and leadership skills and integrated the knowledge of both facilities and management. They are trained to be ever prepared to skillfully handle every challenge that might be thrown their way, in-house. 

We focus on maintaining a pleasing environment for our valuable clients that ensures the highest level of productivity for each of its employees. 

Our wide range of services include manage of:

  • Facility
  • Heat Ventilation and Air-Conditioning 
  • Maintenance Services in carpentry, plumbing, and electricals
  • Guest House, front office and mail 
  • Consultancy and training for facility management
  • Horticulture 
  • Asset 
  • Material 
  • Manpower
  • Recruitment Services

We understand that a business that runs smoothly is the one that runs successfully. We bring to you the future of Facility Management with these wide spectrum of services.

So let’s strategize the best facility management plan for your business today!

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